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The amount of duty due on goods is determined by their tariff classification. As a result, this should be the main area of interest for any importer when seeking to minimise their duty liability.

The primary role of The Customs Consultancy is to review the tariff codes used by our clients and, wherever possible, seek to re-classify their goods in order that they attract lower duty rates. When beneficial re-classifications can be achieved, we seek to recover any duty that has been overpaid in the previous three years. Through our endeavours, each year we bring about duty repayments measured in millions of Euros. Perhaps more importantly, we also secure ongoing savings that our clients can rely on. As a result of the re-classification work that the Customs Consultancy has undertaken over time, we estimate that the cumulative ongoing benefit to our clients is in the order of 10 million per year.

As part of the review process, we obtain binding tariff information (BTI) rulings from the customs authority in the country of importation. BTIs are legally binding on customs throughout the European Union. Even if the European Commission brings about a change in its classification policy, BTIs can be relied upon for all historic imports. As a result, BTIs should be regarded as an obligatory insurance measure by importers, especially when the classification of an item might be open to interpretation.

We have had considerable success in relation to the re-classification of clothing, mechanical equipment, consumer electronics, testing/sensing products and vehicles. The re-classification of parts also offers considerable scope for savings. We have also had notable results in the food and chemical sectors.

In addition to re-classifying goods to different areas of the tariff, we also seek to identify tariff suspensions that might relate to a product. Tariff suspensions are applied when goods are not produced within the European Union, where they are not produced in sufficient quantity or to the required quality. If a tariff suspension is not available and we believe it can be justified, we will present the necessary case to the European Commission.

Latest from The Customs Consultancy

  • 1 May 2018
    The Customs Consultancy was acquired by KGH Customs Services: https://kghcustoms.com
  • 13 July 2017
    Customs duty claim in excess of 650,000.00 passed for payment.
  • 4 July 2017
    Customs duty claim in excess of 1,500,000.00 submitted.
  • 12 May 2017
    UK importer of testing equipment signed.
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Claims submitted so far in 2017
Total:   €10,820,551.45
Claims submitted in 2016
Total:   €9,236,488.44
Claims submitted in 2015
Total:   €12,206,380.29
Claims submitted in 2014
Total:   €12,640,940.33
Claims submitted in 2013
Total:   €9,213,767.45
Claims submitted in 2012
Total:   €10,250,824.56
Claims submitted in 2009 - 2011
Total:   €21,600,806.17

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