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Client A
The Customs Consultancy has worked for a manufacturer of office equipment. In that time, we have been able to recover €4.8 million in customs duty and have managed the payment of an additional €550k in interest. Our work relates to the valuation of the goods that our client imports.

Client B
For a number of years, The Customs Consultancy has assisted a worldwide recognised food producer in relation to reducing its supply chain costs.

In addition to seeking the introduction of a series of duty reliefs (Inward Processing, Outward Processing and Processing under Customs Control), we have been instrumental in altering our client’s raw material supply chain in order to greatly reduce its costs.

Client C
The Customs Consultancy was approached by an importer of electronic goods, our client having identified us on The Internet. The company, based in The Netherlands, sells its products into a number of European Union Member States.

Initially, we conducted a duty recovery exercise in The Netherlands. This resulted in a duty refund of approximately €1.9 million, due to tariff re-classification. There was also an interest payment of about €90k. The entire recovery process took six months to complete.

Having obtained this initial success, we have been asked to take over a case in Spain that was being managed by one of the "big 4" accountancy firms. An additional repayment of approximately €400K is expected.

Client D
We are working with a high street retailer that uses a customs warehouse to import its goods. A system error had resulted in import preference not being correctly claimed for a two-year period. The Customs Consultancy is to represent the company before the European Court of Justice in order to pursue a claim for approximately €1 million.

Client E
We are working with a number of companies on whose behalf we have successfully recovered customs duty in the past. At the time the claims were honoured, we arranged the payment of interest. However, we believe the rate paid by HM Revenue & Customs was insufficient. As a result, we are seeking to increase the level of interest from base-rate -1%, as allowed for currently, to base-rate +2.5%. This increase reflects the level of interest that would be paid in the event of a duty underpayment. These cases will be heard before the First-tier Tribunal with the possibility that the cases will progress to the European Court of Justice.

Latest from The Customs Consultancy

  • 1 May 2018
    The Customs Consultancy was acquired by KGH Customs Services: https://kghcustoms.com
  • 13 July 2017
    Customs duty claim in excess of €650,000.00 passed for payment.
  • 4 July 2017
    Customs duty claim in excess of €1,500,000.00 submitted.
  • 12 May 2017
    UK importer of testing equipment signed.
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Claims submitted so far in 2017
Total:   €10,820,551.45
Claims submitted in 2016
Total:   €9,236,488.44
Claims submitted in 2015
Total:   €12,206,380.29
Claims submitted in 2014
Total:   €12,640,940.33
Claims submitted in 2013
Total:   €9,213,767.45
Claims submitted in 2012
Total:   €10,250,824.56
Claims submitted in 2009 - 2011
Total:   €21,600,806.17

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